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Headshot photography of Nick Murray Brown 2021 by Barry Bartholomew 

Cover art for Bendy Caravans & Everlasting Pens, The Magic Bookshop and The Iron Bridge by Mark Burrell

The Little Cabaret of Suffragette! Artwork by Agnes Lillis

All other images by Nick Murray Brown

Production stills:
Swine, Director Jacob Parrott

Mark Burrell

Artist. Easterly Artists

John Ward

Author of The Iron Bridge/Singer songwriter/The John Ward Band/Broad Roots. Link to his website here

Xenia Horne

Harpist on The Iron Bridge. Link to her website here

Agnes Lillis

Artistic Director of Yakety Yak Young Actors Company
Link to Yakety Yak’s Facebook page here

Belona Greenwood

Playwright/writer Suffragette! Link to her website here