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Headshot photography of Nick Murray Brown 2021 and 2024 by Barry Bartholomew

Photography for The Pillowman by William Goodman 

Cover art for Bendy Caravans & Everlasting Pens, The Magic Bookshop and The Iron Bridge by Mark Burrell

The Little Cabaret of Suffragette! Artwork by Agnes Lillis

All other images by Nick Murray Brown

Production stills:
Swine, Director Jacob Parrott

Mark Burrell

Artist. Easterly Artists

John Ward

Author of The Iron Bridge/Singer songwriter/The John Ward Band/Broad Roots. Link to his website here

Xenia Horne

Harpist on The Iron Bridge. Link to her website here

Belona Greenwood

Playwright/writer Suffragette! Link to her website here